Monarch Butterflies and Swamp Milkweed: What You Need to Know

Western New York had a record-breaking May so far! It’s the hottest ever, right after having the coldest winter ever! I went crazy this past weekend buying new plants and trying to get my beds in good shape. It’s spring time in Buffalo, and you take full advantage of the¬†good weather, because before you know … More Monarch Butterflies and Swamp Milkweed: What You Need to Know

A Natural Pause

I guess I have never been on a hike during this time of year. It’s either when everything is completely bare or full-on green. Seeing the little green sprouts on everything was absolutely beautiful to me, and I could help but take a picture. Enjoy.

Do-It-Yourself Garden Decor Introduction: Bowling Balls

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Western New York broke heat records this past weekend– 87 and 89 degrees! That little heat wave was exactly what all of the trees and plants needed. Green is bursting everywhere! Not only did I spend the day at my parent’s house, but I also did … More Do-It-Yourself Garden Decor Introduction: Bowling Balls

A Natural Pause

One of the first things I saw growing in my back yard last weekend were these violets. I know most people consider violets a weed, but I remember as a child growing up in a valley called Bucktooth Run, there was this little violet patch in the hay field behind my house. I loved it … More A Natural Pause

The Dirt… on Dirt

Pretty much everyone in my neck of the woods became warriors this past weekend. The proof is in the sun-burned faces and foreheads that walked into work this morning! Yes, our first weekend of warm, sunny weather was here, and that meant everyone was ready to dig in to some much-needed yard work! I myself … More The Dirt… on Dirt