Real Tips for Christmas Trees

We are now officially in the holiday season!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love this time of year! I have been busy with family and and decorating for Christmas with my 5 year old who is so excited she can’t even contain herself!

It all started Wednesday night, when my daughter was hit with her first stomach bug. Of all times, the day before Thanksgiving. But, we weathered the storm, and thank goodness 5 year olds bounce back better than someone my age– we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we even made it down to my parents house the next day for yet another dinner and to celebrate my mother’s birthday!

However, the days caught up with her, and she still wasn’t 100 percent. Saturday, she was left very tired and with an “unsettled” tummy. You could tell in her eyes that we needed to take a break. All she wanted to do was “put up the Christmas tree”.

Now, the week before, I did put up my artificial pencil tree in my living room and we decorated another small artificial tree for the empty room upstairs. But, she wanted to get the “Real” Christmas tree. The one with all the presents underneath!

That, we decided, would be a REAL tree. We put that one in our finished basement. My husband and I decided last year that we wanted to start a tradition by going down to the little tree stand a few minutes from our house and purchasing a real tree.

Now, this was new to me. The last time I had a real tree was ions ago when I was a little girl and my dad would go cut one from the woods on our property. They didn’t do that long. Soon after, they purchased an artificial tree and that was that!

I was nervous, however, that it was too early for a REAL tree. So, I sought advice and researched the subject. We even asked the friendly Christmas tree farm man at the tree stand. Here is some friendly advice for anyone looking into getting a real Christmas tree for the first time:

Is after Thanksgiving too early to purchase a tree?

No! But only if you pick the right kind of tree.

Here are a list of trees that can be considered as your Christmas tree:

  • Fir trees— Douglas, Balsam, etc. are the best. The most common type of tree you will find at roadside stands and farms. They will not drop their needles quickly if you water them.

Our Christmas Tree is a Balsam Fir.

  • Cedar — I read that this is one of the best types of trees as well to have as a Christmas tree. They last forever.
  • Cypress — Another great tree that is said to last a long time!

How often do you water the tree?

Daily! Avoided needles dropping by watering your tree daily! You may have to scrap the cap of sap off the end if you notice the tree is not taking in water. The cut part of the tree is prone to the “pitch” capping over. Be watchful.

Don’t get a pine tree. Ever. 

Pine trees don’t keep their needles long at all. Unfortunately, they start falling off after a week!

Well, I hope this little guide helps. If you have any other information, please pass along! I am always looking to broaden my knowledge of horticulture in general!


Twinkling tree and Christmas village courtesy of my daughter!

Seasonal Decor: Feather Trees

Happy first day of winter! Can you believe it’s three days until Christmas? It came so fast this year, and the fact that it has been so warm around here doesn’t help either. It’s going to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow, and the extended forecast looks pretty mild. Thanks again, El Nino!

Well, I am thankful to still be exercising outside and not stuck on the “dreadmill” because of the frigid weather. It does make the dark days a little easier I guess! I have had plenty to do inside the house, I put up three Christmas trees this year!


This is my pencil tree in my living room.

I also decorated my beloved feather tree.


My daughter decorated my feather tree this year.

What is a feather tree you ask?

A feather tree is the original artificial Christmas tree! They originated in Germany in the late 19th Century when the people of the time where worried they were cutting down too many trees for the holiday, so they used goose and turkey feathers and made fake Christmas trees instead.

Feather trees come in a variety of colors, and can be used year-round. I decorate mine for every holiday from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day. I like to keep some sort of decorations up even after Christmas– transitional decor as I like to call it. I am going for a winter woodland theme this year, and so I purchased three more green feather trees. Their simple, primitive beauty is what I love so much.


My new green feather trees are part of my Nativity scene this year.

You can pair them with pine cones or other conifers for a great seasonal look! There is so much you can do with them, and you can get them for a really good price at craft stores.

Natural looking decor that lasts year-round. What is better than that? Gardeners are nature lovers, and I can’t think of a better thing to decorate your house with. There are many ways to “dress” up your feather trees all depending on the time of year. Take some time to read more about feather trees and make them part of your home decor today!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it, and appreciate any feedback you have for me!