Ringing in the New Year with Indoor Projects

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your holiday season was wonderful! As always, it’s over as fast it comes. It was a whirlwind December at work, (as usual–always choatic at the end of the year), and with pretty much the first half of the year supposedly just as crazy, I thought I would concentrate on some small indoor projects that hopefully keep my sanity in check!

Christmas in our household was wonderful. My daughter got everything on her list from Santa. The only thing we didn’t get was snow.



After 8 weeks of germination, the apple seed my daughter brought home from school has finally been repotted. I hope it becomes a seedling in a couple of weeks.


Here’s hoping something starts sprouting soon!

I also purchased two amaryllis bulbs on clearance at the store right before Christmas, so I decided to try and see if they will blossom for me now. These two were a little different from the amaryllis I potted last year. I had a disc of dry medium in the box, and I had to add two and a half cups of water. It became dirt right before my eyes! LOL


Warning: This is not brownie mix! 

So, here’s hoping they bloom for me!


The weather was warm right up until Christmas, and then this past New Year’s weekend, it became cold, snowy and windy. We really only have a dusting on the ground, but the wind chill really gets you!

Now is the time to start sketching out your garden plans. What do you have in mind? What are some of the projects you would like to complete this year? Stay tuned for my list!




10 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with Indoor Projects

  1. We didn’t get snow either. It’s been so unusually warm that we are able to still have a nice green lawn, so I can’t complain. Best wishes on your apple tree. Happy New Year!!!! Cheers, Koko


  2. I really hope the little apple seed sprouts soon – it will be so exciting for your daughter. Do you have a contingency plan in case it doesn’t?!! I bet the Amaryllis will flower really soon – I’m amazed by how quickly they come up and flower. I actually ordered some more from a catalog as they were all on sale now that Christmas is over. I thought why not? They are pink so should look nice for spring. It got a lot cooler here so I’m sure it must be pretty cold with you – I wonder when you will get your first real snow?! Look forward to seeing pictures of it!
    – Kate


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