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Happy fall! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer– which honestly, it still feels like here in Western New York. The weather has been beautiful– however, maybe too much. It has been so warm here that my spring bulbs are starting to sprout again! I fear that we won’t have such a colorful fall like last year because it has been so dry and warm this past summer.


Never the less, I am not wasting another minute inside, it’s time to get along with my fall garden preparation tasks. A couple of years ago, I wrote a step by step on how to plant bulbs in the fall. I know a lot of people really don’t know how to (I know I sure didn’t at one time), so I wanted to give a little tutorial on how to plant them.

Well, now I am learning how to preserve seeds more. I have done this a little bit in the past, but this year, I have found great joy in harvesting seeds. Every plant has its own unique seed pod.


The seeds of the hollyhock are slim, wafer-like discs.

Here are a few tips when collecting seeds:

  • Make sure the seeds pods are completely dry when you harvest them.
  • When storing seeds, never place them in plastic bags. Use paper seed packets or bags to allow the seeds to breathe.
  • Remember to share them– think of them as holiday gifts!

Harvesting seeds is a good thing. It is a natural way of controlling individual plant species from taking over your garden.


The seed pod of a Giant Hibiscus is, well, giant!


Hollyhocks, Cosmos (Upper Right), White Globe Thistle (Lower Center) will make any gardener happy!

I spent a good portion of last weekend re-organizing and making a place in the unfinished side of my basement to become my little gardening area, which means, saving seeds and storing bulbs that cannot stay outside for the winter. I plan on scouring  Etsy in search for the perfect antique printer tray to hold all my seeds until spring!

I also have purchased 3 more varieties of Allium bulbs that need to be planted, but until it cools down a little more, I think I will wait it out a little longer.


What are your plans for fall planting? I would to hear what everyone is planting. Trust me, I am not done purchasing bulbs, yet…


4 thoughts on “Seeds n’ Things

    • Ughh… I know what you mean about electric bills– this summer’s heat was crazy! I tried to save some seeds a couple of years ago, and my toddler daughter at the time decided to play with them and I never found them again! LOL I thought I would try a little harder this time around! LOL

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  1. Lovely! Good job on saving seeds – its always so rewarding to plant them and see them spring to life. Wish I could join you in planting bulbs – its one of the negatives about being so far south but I will order some to pot up and put into the fridge so at least I will have some for the house. I am going to get some more anemones too as those seemed to do quite well for me in the garden last winter.
    Enjoy your planting!
    – Kate xx


    • Thank you! Yes, I thought I would try to save more seeds this year and try to start them in my basement around February. I’m always trying to find new things to learn and do! Enjoy your planting as well!


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