Winter Gardening: Zone Specific

I hope everyone is having a great week. I just got my seed catalog in the mail the other day, and I am having a blast looking through it! Even though it really hasn’t felt like winter this year at all– no cross country skiing or snowshoeing — I don’t mind– the mild temperatures and actually being able to go outside and walk has been a plus for sure!

I am always looking for and researching topics that are informational and helpful to not only me, but you as a gardener. One of my first few posts I ever wrote was about growing zones. Even though we are on the home stretch and spring is right around the corner, I thought this article about winter gardening and your grow zones would be something to get you thinking about next year.

I would like to thank the people from over at with this great article that explains things a lot better than I could right now!


4 thoughts on “Winter Gardening: Zone Specific

  1. I really liked this explanation of what to grow and when. It seemed to explain it really well as, to be honest, its one of the most confusing things to get a handle on when exactly things should be planted so that they mature on time. I get this wrong constantly! Thanks for sharing this.
    – Kate


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