A little Saturday “Snow”ledge

The temperature at my house currently reads 2 degrees. It is awful, and you can barely step outside. If any of you are worried about your plants being harmed by the snow and cold, have no fear.

Snow is an insulator, a mulch of sorts. It protects your plants from winter’s harshness. It allows water to move efficiently through the root system. Bottom line: you want snow in winter, it does wonders for your garden!


Don’t worry, this little guy is going to be OK!

Have a great President’s weekend!



2 thoughts on “A little Saturday “Snow”ledge

  1. Oh that is cold!! But I’m so glad you got some snow to protect your plants. I wonder if it is going to continue to warm up or if you are going to get some very late snow into spring. I loved the photo you posted to IG of the Lake Effect front coming in – very dramatic!!


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